Pursuing Graphic Design Course In London

The multimedia industry has great scope in the forthcoming years and has a plenty of opportunities for recruitment and placements, in the field of graphics and animation. The people aspiring to be a graphic designer can pursue a degree course and easily create a niche for themselves in the industry and earn a good living. People who go in for a master’s degree have an added advantage of being highly qualified and have an edge over others while venturing into the professional world. For pursuing these degrees, one needs to have a proper knowledge of various colleges offering degree in Graphic design. Let us discuss the graphic design courses in London. There are numerous schools in London to choose for pursuing graphic design.

The London College Of Communication is one of the leading colleges that offer courses like MA in graphic design. This course is a post-graduate level course. This course of one year focuses on the design skills, knowledge already gained by previous degrees and refining them through practice. This college also offers a course called the ABC diploma in graphic design, which is an intensive one-year program for students. It is distinct from other one-year courses due to its professional practice based emphasis. This course imparts the effective skills of visual communication, typography, photography and printmaking.

Another course at the undergraduate level is the foundation degree in graphics communication, which is a two-year full time course and offers strong student centered teaching approach. The course involves introduction to image making, illustration, packaging and screen based design. A short-term course that is offered in London is a course that is conducted on Saturdays for 10 weeks. It introduces you to the basics of designing and you can work as a designer at entry level. There are also other one-year diplomas in graphic design, in digital design and in foundation studies (art and design).

It is thought by many people that the use of graphics is only in electronic media or to create or produce animated films but it’s scope is not limited, it also extends in the field of print media. The London College Of Communication offers a course in print production for graphic design, which acquaints the students with the roles of individuals involved in print production tasks. The course is delivered through lectures, seminars and studio sessions. Other short courses also termed, as vacation courses are available. For example, graphic skills vacation course and visual thinking vacation course.

So, if you wish to study a graphic design course in London then the above information would prove to be useful for you.

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