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On Wednesday the 25th of April, we participated in the Salisbury Big Business Event. For all of you who do not know what it is, the event is a 3 day long programme where businesses of all sizes are able to get information and advice from existing successful entrepreneurs.

Dynamics SEO at Big Business Event Salisbury
There are many stalls, all of which offer a wide range of help and experience for new business starters. Manning a stall is one way that we at dynamicsseo are able to give back to the community and to help fellow entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It is a great networking event where there are loads of new and interesting people to meet and talk about business with.

It was great this year to see so many new faces and businesses participating in the local community, more than 100 businesses were on stalls available for advice. I met some great new people and offered as much advice and information as I could. This year the event has expanded a lot, more businesses signed up for a stalls and more visitors arrived, every year it’s becoming more and more popular. The Salisbury big business event does not just attract local businesses but successful entrepreneurs such as Karren Brady star of the BBC’s apprentice and Dr Liz Jackson from channel 4’s secret millionaire and many more, who all spoke at the event. The speakers gave an inspiring talk about their personal experience and how they overcame their hurdles of starting up a business. There were some truly great speakers and was well worth attending, offering a great insight into the various different industries and hurdles that each person encountered.

For all of those businesses just starting out, I recommend attending this event. Not only will you be able to gain an insight into other businesses, you’ll have a great opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs from all over who can offer great advice and potential hurdles to look out for.

Massive thanks to the organisers for putting together such a successful event. I only hope that it will continue to grow and more businesses will want to become involved. As a business owner myself, I understand the stress and worries with setting up a business, so to be able to help all these people is hugely rewarding. The best way for a business to grow is to have access to great advice and help and the Big Business Salisbury event provides a fantastic networking opportunity.

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